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What should I be doing besides the daily actions on my To Do List to build a thriving SFI business?

aim high dream big, SFI, build a thriving businessThis is a question every SFI affiliate should be asking, themselves and the SFI community, if they want to build their successful SFI business.

This question was asked in Ask SC, and many great answers were provided by the SFI community. I particularly like this clear answer, provided by Nimo Ponifasio, which was featured on today’s Tips tab.

There are literally hundreds of things you should be doing besides the To Do List actions.

You can be:

* Training yourself.

You need to learn as much about the business and about anything relevant or related to the business. This is an on-going requirement. Once you have completed your Launchpad lessons, go on to other parts of the site and learn as much as possible. Why not complete the Internet Course provided free by SFI? Read books relating to the business. Continue learning and never stop.

* Recruiting Affiliates

Duplication is one of the main keys to a thriving SFI business. This cannot happen if you do not have a team of affiliates that will duplicate your efforts and actions. You therefore need to recruit people on to your team that would do duplication. This can be done offline, online or both. This is an ongoing requirement, even if you have active affiliates. They don’t always remain active and you want your business to continue to grow and thrive.

* Promoting TripleClicks

TripleClicks is where the money is, and we all joined SFI for the money. You want people to buy from TripleClicks because as the referring affiliate, you get 45% commission of the CV of any products they purchase and this will be the case for any of their subsequent purchases. If you are eligible you can also get the VP of the products, and of course, there is the opportunity to share in the Executive Pool.

* Sponsoring.

This would be a major activity if you are successful with your recruiting. The new PSAs will need to be guided, helped and motivated if they are to be useful members of your team. This will be your on-going role.

* Being active in the SFI community.

Your team of affiliates will notice how active you are in SFI and how successful you are. They will see the badges on your Profile page and can tell how involved you are within SFI. These can be useful as what you want is them having confidence in you as their leader and sponsor. So take part in discussions, join the Forum and a2a and help yourself and others. Enter all the contests and competitions and if you are successful tell your team and hopeful that would inspire and motivate them.

There are many more area to cover such as: taxation, administration, planning, budgeting, asset/equipment replacement, researching trends, Website maintenance/promotions etc.

Taking each of Nimo’s points, let me show you how you can find the training, and how to develop your knowledge and skills.

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* Training yourself.

* Recruiting Affiliates

* Promoting TripleClicks

* Sponsoring. After Your Affiliates Join SFI:

Introduce Yourself!
Your Role in SFI – Being A Sponsor: What It Means
Be An Awesome Sponsor
Ask Gery: How to write e-mails to build your business
Genealogy Tips & Shortcuts—Getting the most from your Genealogy report
Affiliate Manager Tips
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Ask Gery: How to best use the Reassignment tool
Success Tips
Why start your own Co-op?, by SFI President, Gery Carson
Following Up With Your Team Members
Quality (Not Quantity) And The Power Of Duplication

* Being active in the SFI community.

  • Read and participate in the extremely active SFI Forum
  • Read and participate in the Ask SC community.
    • Rating 10 answers every day earns you 1VP daily.
    • Rating 30 answers every day earns you an extra bonus Daily Grand Prize Draw entry daily.
    • Add your own answers for an opportunity to win up to 100VP per answer.

You can read more answers to this question HERE.

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