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ECA - Open your online storeTripleClicks is an online shop with almost 100,000 products, with over 3 million members, in 203 countries, with 6,800 ECA (E-Commerce) shops, free member listings (garage sale online shops), penny auctions, sales, music, contests…

You will find many exclusive deals, plus every day money-saving offers on thousands of products.

The E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program is a new program available from TripleClicks that allows commercial sellers to market their products/services at TripleClicks alongside existing TripleClicks products and also from their own, separate TripleClicks “TConnect” Website.

For ECA Program – There are NO listing FEES and NO RISK!

You can simply sign up, upload your products, and start taking orders. TripleClicks retains a nominal amount (15%), only when you make a sale.

You can check out the ECA Program, sign up for free, open your ECA Online shop for free* and get your “TConnect” website here:

Apply For Your Own ECA Online Store at TripleClicks


If you decide to join the ECA program and open your online shop for products/services, you can boost your business because you will be able to increase sale of your products with advertising/promotion from all of us – SFI Affiliates.

When you sign up for ECA program my promise to you is – I will advertise your ECA shop and your products/services online.

When you sell your products/services from my advertising, you will earn money and I will get a commission as an Affiliate, which means that my commission is covered by the nominal 15% commission you pay to TripleClicks, only on your actual sales, it does not cost you any extra. Also you will get customers’ contact information, so you can always contact them after their purchase about your new products, discounts, closeouts, special deals etc.

So that will be Win-Win situation for both of us. So don’t waste your time, check the link below about ECA Program, sign up for free and open your ECA shop.

* – Free if you already sell products or services online or have a physical business. Otherwise, you may need to apply for a New TripleClicks Seller License. You can make your ECA application for free here, and TripleClicks will review your application and either approve it immediately or will inform you if a New TripleClicks Seller License is required. 


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