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storeImagine owning your very own department store, where you sell everything from coffee to computers, books to baby clothes.

It’s a thriving business, there’s something for everyone.

Do you know what costs are involved in running such a store? You have the costs of buying or renting premises, purchasing your stock, hiring employees, taxes and insurances, electricity, accountants and much more.

By the time you pay out all these costs, and consider the time you spend running the business, what is your actual profit worth? According to this article, specialty retailers and general merchandisers — department stores — were the most profitable sector of the retail economy in 2009, according to “Fortune”magazine, with a 3.2 percent average profit margin.

Now imagine you can have your own department store where somebody else covers all the costs for you, provides all your stock at no cost to you, around 90,000 different products, supplies the goods direct to the customers so you don’t have to pay for premises, employees, or delivery costs and does all your administration – all you have to do is show people some of the best products available, and that costs very little, in most cases it’s absolutely free. is a global store, operating from more than 160 countries around the world, and you don’t have to worry about trading in foreign currencies, it’s all taken care of for you. Retailers open their stores on this e-commerce platform, and pay a commission (like rent for their store) on the products they sell there.

You can earn up to 45% direct commissions from the commission (or rent) those retailers pay to TripleClicks, based on the value of the products. There’s no outlay for you, and no risk. And not only do you earn commissions on those individual products you advertise, but if you introduce a new customer to the TripleClicks store, they become YOUR customer, and you earn commission from everything they buy there in the future, for LIFE!

This is called affiliate marketing. It’s a business model being used by ALL the top online retail marketplaces because it is so successful. Affiliates share products they like or know others will want, and they get paid a percentage of the profits, because they are bringing sales to the seller that they otherwise would not have had. It benefits everybody.

When you go shopping, and you find bargains or stuff you love, you tell your friends about it, right? Affiliate marketing is just like that, except you’re getting paid for telling people about stuff they’ll love too. Just like customers in your own store, you get paid when people buy. Most people don’t get paid for telling people about products, because they are not using affiliate marketing, however many affiliates are earning up to six-figure incomes for doing this!

If you have products you would like to sell yourself, and earn whatever profit level you choose, you can become an E-Commerce Associate. There are around 6,000 ECA stores at TripleClicks run by people, just like you and I, who run their store from their own home. Other affiliates will help drive customers to your store, increasing your sales. You don’t have to be an affiliate to become an ECA, but really, for all the extra benefits you get from being an affiliate, why wouldn’t you become an affiliate too?

TripleClicks does not only sell retail products. It operates the very successful Pricebenders Auctions, where bidders can get fantastic bargains of 90% off the retail value on items such as Macbooks, iPads and much more. There are also the very exciting Eager Zebra games to play. As an affiliate, you can earn a good income from telling people about these auctions and games too.

So how do you become an affiliate for TripleClicks?

SFI – Strong Future International – is the company that created TripleClicks, and they operate the affiliate program. With a solid 17-year history, and the best free training and resources, SFI is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world.

And what’s more, by becoming an Executive Affiliate with SFI, you can tap into even more earnings from the profits of TripleClicks.

What makes SFI the Internet’s #1 Affiliate program?

Here is the super-exciting part, and something I have not seen in any other retail affiliate program. Other affiliate programs pay you only on the sales you yourself generate at their store. However, with SFI, if you recommend the program to others, and they recommend it to others too, you can earn from your entire team’s activities, up to 12 levels down! They earn, you earn, everybody wins!


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What others are saying about SFI
SFI is second to none. This is my first venture into network marketing and I am already feeling confident. SFI is ideal in that you are taught how to carry on your business even if it is your first venture. This is an incredible business and anyone can succeed.
J. Campbell

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