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What Is Transfer Buying?

Transfer buying in SFI is switching your buying from where you purchase at the moment, to purchasing from the store.

Consider it like this – if you owned your own bakery, would you go to the supermarket down the road to buy your bread? Of course you wouldn’t, you would lose money doing that.

Why would you want to transfer your buying?

Because if you are an SFI Affiliate, by collecting 1500 VersaPoints each month and becoming EA, you earn shares in the TC Executive Pool, which are the profits TripleClicks makes each month. The more VersaPoints you collect, the more shares you earn.

By buying from, you are helping to increase the profits, thereby increasing the value of your shares.

You can buy products from TripleClicks which you would normally buy elsewhere anyway, so it is not costing you any more to become EA in SFI than you might normally spend.

You are helping support people, just like you, who have started their own small businesses.

TripleClicks have some great deals! You could save money on many products.

Consider this example:

You already buy multi-vitamins and other health supplements each month from a health-food store. Why not consider transferring your buying to this?

advanced liquid nutrition, tripleclicks, transfer buyingTripleClicks has a really popular product called Advanced Liquid Nutrition. It’s an all-in-one, delicious liquid health supplement that could replace all of your other products, so could save you money, even more if you set up a Standing Order for it.

If you look at the product details, you will see that you earn a massive 1500VP on this product, so that will automatically qualify you as EA, giving you shares in the TC Executive Pool.

PLUS!!! If you are an SFI affiliate, and you use your own unique affiliate code, found under the ‘SFI Affiliates’ tab on the product page, to promote this product online, or you send your code to your friends and family to tell them about it, and people buy it by using your link, you earn the 1500VP if someone you refer to this product is your PRM (Personally Referred Member, meaning they join TripleClicks for the first time because you referred them there). AND even best of all, you also earn Direct Commissions. On this product, you will earn up to $8.21 on each unit you sell.

Click HERE or on the product image to see full details.

Now consider this example:

natural all-purpose cleaner, tripleclicks, natural detergent, transfer buyingTripleClicks sells many natural, environment-friendly detergents for the home. Everybody uses household detergent and many people are concerned about the environment. So consider transferring your buying to one of TripleClicks’ leading products, The Natural All-Purpose Cleaner.

Look at the product details, and you will see that you will earn 149VP on this product, a good amount towards your 1500VP target to reach EA.

The ‘SFI Affiliates’ tab also shows that you will earn up to $0.90 for each successful referral (meaning a buyer you have referred) you make to this product.

TripleClicks Advanced Search, transfer buying
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So, whether you are doing your regular shopping, or looking for gifts for friends and family, or you need something for yourself, perhaps a new gadget or something that interests you, check on first, to see if you can buy there and increase your VPs.

You can narrow down your search for products from suppliers from your own country, or you can expand your search for products worldwide, or look for suppliers who offer Free Shipping, by using the Advanced Search function at First go to Products, then choose category you wish to search, e.g. Computing.

Then use the Advanced Search facility, pictured left, to choose your search options.



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