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Top Tips to Help Win Auctions

With TripleClicks’ Pricebenders Auctions, there are so many bargains to be had. Some recent auction results are:

  • Apple MacBook Air 11.6-Inch Laptop, Retails at: $999.00, Winning bid: $18.71
  • LG Electronics 42-Inch LED-lit TV, Retails at: $349.99, Winning bid: $26.13
  • Apple iPad Mini 3 (space gray), Retails at: $399.00Winning bid: $29.45
  • Apple iPad Air 2 (space gray), Retails at: $499.99, Winning bid: $1.85
  • Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch Tablet (Wi-Fi, 16GB), Retails at: $229.00, Winning bid: $1.38
  • … and many more, see full list of Recent Winners HERE

Apart from the fantastic electronic product deals, if you are an SFI affiliate and business owner, there are many products you can win that help you build your business too:

  • TCredits Subscription — 125 TCredits pack for 6 months (includes 9,000 VersaPoints!), Retails at: $217.50, Winning bid: $0.30
  • 100 Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs), Retails at: $180.00, Winning bid: $0.93
  • Lifetime Custom Prestige Domain, Retails at: $129.00, Winning bid: $0.52
  • 100 Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs), Retails at: $270.00, Winning bid: $3.54
  • S-Builder Co-op Units (2 Pack), Retails at: $48.00, Winning bid: $2.51
  • 60 TC Gift Cards (includes 600 VP), Retails at: $59.40, Winning bid: $0.40
  • … and more!

Different Types of Pricebenders Auctions

Designed to give everybody a fair opportunity to win in the auctions:

  • 1WA – Auction is open only to bidders who have never won a Pricebenders auction before
  • Jr – Junior auction, limited to members with 9 wins or less
  • DP – Double MRP (Member Rewards Points)
  • NAB – No auto-bidder auction
  • Big Dog – Open bidding even if you’ve reached your standard win limit—maximum 1 Big Dog win per day
  • WBF – Winning bidder will receive all of his/her bids (TCredits) back upon completion of this auction

In order to begin bidding, you will need some TCredits. Each bid costs 1 TCredit.


How do I get TCredits?

Top Tips

WOW auction, pricebenders auction, tripleclicks, how to win auctions1. Read Tips & Strategies For Winning Pricebenders™ Auctions

2. Observe several auctions to get a feel for how they work

3. Study what day or time of day is quieter in the auctions

4. If you are new to the auctions, go for the 1WA and Jr. ones first, you will be bidding against less experienced bidders, and this is where you will gain more experience yourself.

5. Try to determine how many people are actively interested in the auction by waiting for the timer to reach ‘Going Once’ or ‘Going Twice’ when you place your bid. There is a bidders list on the page, if you see that maybe 6 people suddenly bid at that stage, that shows there are several waiting for their opportunity. You may want to save your Tcredits and let others fight it out before you come in to the bidding.

6. Use a good computer with a reliable internet connection. You need to be aware of the ‘latency’, which means a lag-time or delay. If your computer or internet connection is slow, then waiting for ‘Going Twice’ may be too late. I have found that my smartphone connection is just not fast or reliable enough, and have heard of similar issues with tablet computers.

7. Check out the Latest Winners page when you go into an auction. If you see someone has just won a large pack of 300, 400 or 500 TCredits, you may want to watch out for them if they appear in the bidders as they will be more likely to bid heavily against you.

8. Remember that even if you lose, you win!

  • Each bid you place in the Pricebenders Auctions earns you 5 MRP (Member Reward Points) or 10 MRP in the DP auctions. You can use these MRPs to buy products from the TripleClicks store. There are also Special Offers for spending your MRPs in the Member Rewards Specials Store (available to view when you register as a TripleClicks member).
  • SFI affiliates receive 1 VersaPoint per auction bid (up to 500 per month). This counts towards your SFI rank and can earn you shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool (profit-sharing program) if you achieve at least Executive Affiliate rank.
  • Bid & Build – when SFI affiliates bid in the auctions, they will receive a brand new PSA for every 50 bids, and can currently earn up to 2 PSAs per day. This really helps build your SFI business.

Cautious or Confident Bidding

I believe your manner of approach counts for a lot in the auctions. It is understandable that you will be cautious in the beginning, especially if you have limited TCredits. However, after your first win or two, and especially if you have built up your TCredits in the games or by winning them in auctions, you will become more confident, because you will be less worried about running out of TCredits. Your level of experience will show in your profile page (by clicking on username in the bidders list) and this may be enough to stop some others from bidding against you.

Autobidder or No Autobidder

I have had roughly an equal amount of success by using autobidder or not using the autobidder. It is better to use autobidder when you have quite a lot of TCredits because they can go quickly, especially if another bidder turns on their autobidder. I think there is some advantage to using autobidder if you are the only one using it, especially if there are few people taking part in the auction. Watch carefully and if another autobidder comes in (you will see the price begin to increase quickly), you may want to consider deactivating yours if you are short of TCredits or exceed your budget, although you can set a maximum price and TCredit usage.

There are No Autobidder (NAB) auctions and in these, nobody can use the autobidder feature, so you may prefer these when you just begin in the auctions.

I do hope my tips help you win in the Pricebenders auctions. I like to help my team be successful. So, if you would like my help and to be kept updated on tips and latest developments, do join my SFI team by clicking the button below:

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