Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin Now Charging

akismet is now charging, akismet has gone from free to paid

Akismet Has Gone From FREE to PAID If you wanted the essential tool for blocking spam to your websites, Akismet was always the go-to leader in this field. I had it installed on all of my own websites. Owned by WordPress, it was powerful and it was free – users could choose to donate if … Read more

HELP! My ads are blocked by Facebook! What can I Do?

help, my ads are blocked by facebook

Help! My SFI gateways and affiliate links are blocked by Facebook, what can I do? This is one of the most common questions asked by new SFI affiliates. First, I will address why your links are blocked, and then I will explain what you can do about it: SFI provides all affiliates with a range … Read more

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