Getting Started With SFI

There is a lot of information to learn at the SFI Center. However, let me assure you that you do not need to know everything about SFI immediately. Most new affiliates are desperate to earn some extra money and fail to understand that it will take time before you earn your first pay check in SFI, however I can assure you that I have been paid every month that I have qualified for earnings. It is possible to begin accumulating earnings from your first day, and then work on building your SFI business.

So, what’s your very first step?

Log in to your SFI account at

Go to your VP Ledger by clicking HERE, scroll down to ‘Getting Started Actions’ and do these 5 activities first and foremost (you will see an aeroplane symbol beside them) and you will begin earning VersaPoints (VPs):

  • For confirming your registration
  • For whitelisting
  • For completing your Affiliate Profile
  • For sending your SFI Commitment Message to your sponsor
  • For uploading your photo to the Affiliate Center

Done it? Congratulations! You have already earned 410 VPs and begun to Fast-Track your SFI business!

Next, check out The Plan, which shows you how these VPs translate to building your rank, your business and ultimately your earnings!

Take your time. Know that you can earn as you learn. There are 3 links that you need to review:

  1. Start
  1. SFI Basics
  1. LaunchPad

How to start with SFIThe buttons to these pages are always available at the top of your SFI homepage.

Review this information as often as you need to and I promise you, you can do this with a great amount of success.

For an easy demonstration of how the SFI business works, check out the Ultra-Simple 3-Step Plan.

Your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Watch my video here, and follow this routine daily to collect all of the free monthly VPs available to you.

This is not the ONLY work you need to do daily, this is the MINIMUM you need to do if you want to grow your SFI business. These tasks will take you 20-30 minutes daily, then you should add to them with additional training you will find throughout the SFI website, investing at least one hour per day in your learning and working.

Your SFI Business – Daily Weekly Monthly Tasks

Fast-Track Your Way to Success

SFI prides itself on the fact that it gives you all the training, tools, websites and resources to enable you to create a second income online for FREE. It always has, and it always will! There is no obligation to put money into it ever.
However, for those people who really wish to accelerate their progress in the business, who want to stand out from the crowd, and want to take full advantage of the best opportunities available to them to build their dream lifestyle, SFI offers the Fast-Track 2.0 program.
Launched in October 2014, Fast-Track 2.0 replaced the old fast-track program, and caused huge excitement amongst existing affiliates who had not achieved Fast-Track previously, some of whom had waited several years for this opportunity to present itself again.
And the biggest excitement was around the fact that you can increase your earnings by 10%!!!


Find out how you can Fast-Track and increase your earnings by 10% HERE!



What others are saying about SFI:
I had enough of all the programs that make empty promises. But something about SFI tempted me to try just one more program, and I am THRILLED that I did! I have had excellent support from SFI corporate. I am making connections and networking with new friends that share my interests and goals, and I am teaching others the patience and skills needed to grow their own SFI businesses. KUDOS to SFI for their awesome affiliate program and all the benefits that are available to us. I’ve quit all my other “trial” programs and can now focus on building SFI to meet my goals. THANK YOU SFI!!

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