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Hi! I’m Diane. I’m a Silver Team Leader with SFI. Since SFI launched in 1998, it has been showing people all over the world how to build profitable Internet businesses from the comfort of their homes. In fact, the system is so successful that thousands now join SFI every week! If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss or even just earn a little extra spending cash…I’d love to work with you. Note that SFI provides everything you need to get started FREE!

I personally began my business with SFI in April 2014, after searching for some time for legitimate work I could do from my home. I tried lots of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, you know the ones, I’m sure you’ve seen them too in your search for home business opportunities.

I had no experience with online work. I didn’t know how to market and promote products. I didn’t know how to build and work with a team. Apart from a personal blog I had begun writing about a year earlier, I had little experience of creating websites.

What I desperately needed was comprehensive training, all in one place, on HOW to work online and build a steady income, not something that might be ‘here today, gone tomorrow’.

I stumbled upon SFI. What appealed to me initially was SFI’s promise of FREE training forever! Great! That’s what I need. Then after a bit more research I found that SFI has been in existence for 16 years, so they must know what they are doing, as many internet businesses do not have such longevity and experience. So I signed up.

At first, it seemed a little overwhelming – so much information, where to start?

But the most important thing was, I DID start!

I let go of my impatience to make money quickly and focussed on the learning. I considered it like a free university course. How many people spend $1000s on a college education? Here, I could learn really valuable skills for FREE. The Internet is here, and is only growing. Learning to work on the internet is one of the most valuable skills you can learn for your future.

I said to myself, I wouldn’t begin a medical degree and expect to perform surgery on my first day. The only way to graduate college is to attend lessons daily, and practise what you learn there, so that’s what I did.

SFI Badges - what value do they have, recognition, work-at-home businessLuckily, SFI provides lots of encouragement and rewards for attending and learning every day. This I found to be one of SFI’s greatest strengths: it is really important in any business to develop the daily habit, to attend your office every day, like a real business person. If you read of any successful entrepreneurs, what they all have in common is that they totally COMMIT to their project. They have a DISCIPLINE that drives them to their success, and they will all say it took many years to become an overnight success.

In SFI, your progress and milestones are recognized and celebrated with the awarding of Badges. Mine are shown above. When I first began with SFI just those few short months ago, I would see other people’s lists of badges and think ‘Wow, that’s impressive’, now I look at mine and think ‘Wow, look how far you’ve come!’. And did you notice? 756 fellow affiliates congratulated me when I achieve Bronze Team Leader rank. That’s the kind of support you can always expect at SFI 😀

Even though I did not expect to make money in my first month as a newbie, I did! Okay, it was pennies rather than pounds, but it was my first indication that there was potential here, if I could do this with the relatively little actual work I was doing, still being focussed on learning.

My knowledge, experience and my earnings increased month after month. In my 3rd month, progress suddenly escalated very quickly. All my reading, learning and working seemed to just fall into place. Now in my 5th month, I have a large and consistently growing team. I have learned how to support them effectively so they too are now building their own internet businesses.


If you are now ready to learn what it takes to create an online income, whether you want a little extra money towards bills or a few luxuries, or you want to replace your main income with a full-time work-at-home business so you can fire your boss and spend more time with your family, SFI can help you create what you want.

If you are willing to COMMIT to spending at least one hour per day learning how to build a business with SFI, then I would love to help you do that. As your sponsor, I can promise you my FULL SUPPORT!



What others are saying about SFI:
SFI does everything they possibly can to make sure you get everything you need to succeed. Yes, it is hard work, but you can eventually earn big sums of money from home. My sponsor is amazing; I receive great support from her, and I know I can count on her anytime.
T. Yufenyuy

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