SFI Badges - what value do they have, recognition, work-at-home business

SFI Badges – What Value Do They Have?

The Badges on your profile are ‘not just a pretty face’. They are a powerful tool.

The Badges you earn with SFI look really good on your profile. They show how hard you have worked and how serious you are about, and committed to, your work-at-home business.

Not only are they your own personal recognition for how far you have travelled and what you have achieved with SFI, they are a strong motivator if you use them in your goal-setting.

SFI Badges - what value do they have, recognition, work-at-home businessEqually, they are a fantastic team-building and marketing tool. They show your team how knowledgeable and experienced you are with SFI. This gives your team confidence and encourages them to follow your example. They also show your prospective and new PSAs that SFI is a long-standing, genuine and credible business.

It is easier to encourage and motivate your team members to:

  • log in every day and do daily tasks if they see your VersaPoints Streak badge, especially if it is red or purple
  • achieve Fast-Track if they see your Silver or Gold Fast-Track badge
  • set up a 1500VP SO if they see your TC Member 1500VP SO badge
  • maintain their EA status if they see your EA Streak badge showing several months
  • and so on… you get the picture

Look down the list of badges which can be found HERE, and ask yourself “If I get that badge, what will that show my team? What will it encourage them to do for themselves?” Then say “What will it take for me to get that badge?” and go do it.

Then choose a badge, or several of them, and set your goal to achieve those badges this month.

Take a screenshot of your badges and save it as a picture on your computer. Use this on your website or blog or any other appropriate marketing you do, to impress upon your prospects the credibility and standing of yourself as a Team Leader, and of SFI as a whole.

They key to success with SFI is DUPLICATION. In other words “Lead by Example”. One of the best ways to show your example is with your badges.

The picture of the badges shown above is my own list, as at today’s date of publication.  I hope they show you that I am a committed Team Leader with SFI, which is surely the BEST company I have found to work with online. When you join my team, you are assured of my personal support and mentorship in helping YOU to achieve these high standards too, and build a good online business which will give you a steady income for years to come, possibly even for life (and to be able to pass this business on to your loved ones as an inheritance!).

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What others are saying about SFI
I have been searching for proof that people can really earn money online. SFI ended my search and has given me a real source of extra income online. It is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME; it takes time to build, but it is worth all the time and hard work. Thank you SFI.
M. Vibar


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