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PSA, CSA, ECA, PRM – Who are they? How do they help my SFI business?

people in your team, PSA CSA ECA PRM, SFI, TripleClicks, team-buildingIn SFI, as with all businesses and industries, there is some language or jargon to learn and get the hang of. When you learn it, it makes training much easier and clearer, as you will understand what is being referred to.

This topic explains the acronyms used to describe your team members or the people who join SFI or TripleClicks using your referral link.

PSA – Personally Sponsored Affiliate

PSAs are your Personally Sponsored Affiliates. As the name suggests, they are your direct team members whom you have personally introduced to SFI, either from your warm market or from your own advertising or buying of PSAs.

It is your job to support and mentor them, particularly in their early days with SFI, and teach them the art of Duplication i.e. teach and lead them by your own example how to build their SFI business.

It is important to keep in regular contact with your PSAs: send them useful information and newsletters, at least weekly, and if they email you asking for advice, reply to them in a useful and timely manner.

How you will benefit from your PSAs:

  • you will earn 45% of the CV (Commission Volume) of anything your PSAs purchase from TripleClicks*
  • when you become EA2 (Executive Affiliate for 2 consecutive months) and they become EA2 you will earn Matching VPs, increasing your shares (profit earnings) in the TripleClicks Executive Pool
  • when you become a Team Leader, you will earn Matching VPs from up to 12 levels of your downline (genealogy), e.g. if you sponsor a PSA they are in your 1st level, Gen 1, and if they then sponsor a PSA, their PSA is in your 2nd level, Gen 2.
  • when they become EA2 and above, you will earn Sponsorship VPs
  • 100 For support of each personally sponsored EA2

    For dozens of sponsoring methods, click HERE
    For maximum points, follow these strategies
    200 For support of each personally sponsored Bronze Team Leader
    300 For support of each personally sponsored Silver Team Leader
    400 For support of each personally sponsored Gold Team Leader
    500 For support of each personally sponsored Platinum Team Leader

CSA – Co-Sponsored Affiliate

CSAs are your Co-Sponsored Affiliates. This means that they are somebody else’s PSA, and SFI have allocated them to you as a CSA: SFI have placed you in their upline as an extra source of support. In terms of communication and support, treat them just the same as your PSAs, they will appreciate the extra help. Sometimes, they may not have an active sponsor, and you may not know if they have an active sponsor or not, so your support may mean the difference between them continuing with SFI or not.

How you will benefit from your CSAs:

  • you will earn 15% of the CV of anything your CSAs purchase from TripleClicks*

ECA – E-Commerce Associate

An ECA is an E-Commerce Associate, somebody who has their own store to sell products or services at TripleClicks.

As an SFI affiliate, you may be an ECA yourself. Or, you may know somebody who is interested in opening a TripleClicks store. It is much like having a store on eBay or Amazon, however I have seen many articles that say TripleClicks is a cheaper alternative. I plan to research and report on this in more detail.

Opening your own TripleClicks store may be a lucrative business for you. If you already sell online, or have a physical business in the same line of products, it may not cost anything to become an ECA. If this type of trading is completely new to you, you may need to make a once-only purchase of a New Seller License. SFI will advise you on this when you make your ECA application.

How you will benefit from your ECAs:

  • simply refer companies or people that sell products to your ECA Gateway. For each that becomes an approved ECA, you’ll earn 10% of the CV on all of their sales* at
  • you will earn an immediate 100VP when your ECA generates their first $10 or more in sales.
  • if one of your PSAs purchases anything from an ECA that you have referred, you will earn 45% of the CV, as well as the 10% ECA royalty*
  • if one of your PRMs purchases anything from an ECA that you have referred, you will earn 45% of the CV, as well as the 10% ECA royalty PLUS the VPs attached to the sale*

For some ideas and training on how to find and recruit ECAs, please see SFI’s ECA Referral Guide

PRM – Personally Referred Member

A PRM is somebody who has signed up as a TripleClicks member or customer using one of your referral links. Once they become your PRM, you will earn Direct Commissions, 45% of the CV, from everything they purchase from TripleClicks FOR LIFE*! You will also earn the VPs attached to the product, adding to your VP count and earning you more shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

It does not matter HOW they sign up, whether to play a free game, or have a bid in the auctions, or to buy a product you have recommended, once they have joined, using your referral link, they are permanently recorded as your PRM.

They could also, at a later date, join SFI as an affiliate. If they do, they will automatically join YOUR team as YOUR PSA.

How you will benefit from your PRMs:

  • you will earn 45% of the CV on their purchases from TripleClicks*
  • you will earn the VPs attached to any products they buy*
  • they may join SFI as an affiliate and become your PSA
  • Promote once, earn for ever!

For methods to attract ECAs and PRMs to TripleClicks, see my article HOW DO I EARN MONEY AT TRIPLECLICKS?

Who Are Best For Your Business?

Ideally, you will want a good mix of all these people to build your SFI business.

There is much training at SFI and many resources you can use to attract PSAs, ECAs and PRMs at SFI’s Marketing Center.

You have your own set of unique referral gateways at My Gateways which you can access at any time from your My Acct. tab at the SFI Affiliate Center.

Every product page at TripleClicks has a ‘SFI Affiliates’ tab available to SFI affiliates, where you can find your own unique referral link for any product which you would like to promote to potential PRMs.

You can choose which you find easier to recruit, and focus on those. I would also recommend spending some time intensively focussing on one area, practising writing advertisements, and saving adverts you write in a Word document so you can re-use them.

I hope this helps to make the SFI program clearer for you.


* NOTE: If the purchase was paid for with MRPs or TCredits, no royalty is paid.  When you check out and select either MRP or TCredits as your payment option, it is stated that VP and CV are not awarded on ECA or Member Listings Purchases.

What others are saying about SFI
I never really had any foundation in running an Internet business. but since i joined SFI, I found myself improving so much as a result of their step-by-step, simple but highly informative training. I wake up every morning looking forward to doing my daily reviews and earn more points as I learn the art of consistency in business. SFI system truly works. It’s not just all about making profits, but also building business character.
S. Afengbai

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