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The Power of One Hour!

one hour a day, the power of one hour, transform your life, start your own businessWhat could you do if you had an extra 9 weeks in your life – every year?

Would you spend time on a hobby you enjoy, spend more time with your family, learn a new skill, go to college, travel or start your own business?

How many times have you wanted to do something to improve your quality of life, but found yourself saying “If only I had the time I would …” or “I wish I had more hours in the day to …”.

Do you realise that just ONE extra hour every day would give you an additional 9 WEEKS in your life every year. One hour per day = 365 hours per year; based on a working week of 40 hours, there is your 9 weeks, over TWO whole months! Now that’s a great start, but consider this: increase this to 2 hours per day, and you are giving yourself over FOUR MONTHS extra in your year, and in your life!

What could you create with this amount of time? Your choices are endless. You can do or become ANYTHING YOU WANT! Consider any activity you want. Even at a starting point of ZERO, the amount of progress you can make in two months could be phenomenal, IF you set a goal and commit to your goal. If you study any top sportsperson, artist, entrepreneur or expert in their field, all will tell you the same, they studied and practised their art or skill consistently.

When I was tutoring children in maths, I would use a method whereby they had to do 20 mins (a child’s attention span is generally no longer than that) of arithmetic EVERY DAY. This was far more productive that the traditional form of tuition where a tutor visits with the child for 1 hour per week. It built their confidence, developed a good study habit, and produced far better, long-lasting results. Most of my students become top of their year group in quite a short space of time, some beginning from the bottom! You can apply the same principle to building your own business in something you may never have done before.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

A quote I used often to motivate my young students

Where can I find an extra hour every day?

Place value on your time. I think this is the most important thing you can do, and the one thing that very few people actually do! Your time is your most valuable commodity, after all, it’s the only thing you have that you can never get back once it’s spent. People tend to only value their time based on what other people give them, i.e. an hourly rate for as many hours as they are employed for. However, if YOU realise what you are worth, you are less likely to waste your own value. Consider this: your employer pays you say $15 per hour. Well, there’s a pretty good chance that the benefit of your time to your employer is at least 3 or 4 times what you are paid. So, what if you could recognise that your time is actually worth $50-$60 per hour? Now consider that if you can earn this for your employer, what if you could earn that for yourself? So let’s start from there – decide that your time is worth $50/hour. Set that as your goal. It’s not very realistic that you can just go to your boss and demand that as a payrise. Neither is it reasonable that you can just pop online and start demanding that people start giving you $50. However, you can choose today that you will begin working towards it. Once you recognise the true value of your own time, you will not want to give it away for less.

If you don’t value your time, nobody else will! How many other people make demands on your time, leaving you very little for yourself? Do you have friends, family, neighbours popping round for coffee and chats unexpectedly all the time? Are you the one everyone comes to, to discuss their problems? Do you get last-minute calls for rides, babysitting, etc.? Well guess what – they are not the ones taking your time, you are the one giving it freely! Learn how to say No. It’s all very well being ‘helpful’ or ‘friendly’, but at what cost to your own life? I’m not suggesting you need to be heartless, if somebody has a genuine emergency, like needing driving to the Emergency Room, that’s one thing, but probably 99% of favours you do for people, and the time you spend with them, are because they have come to expect it from you as an easy option, to avoid them having to do things for themselves. Whose life is more important to you, yours or theirs? Let people know you can’t do many of these things for them anymore, as you are busy building a new business. They will either be supportive, as a true friend would, or you will not see or hear from them again, but quite honestly, would that be a bad thing? Remember this, you are a better friend to others when you empower yourself, and show them by your example what is possible, what they can also do for themselves.

Switch off the TV! The average American watches around 5 hours of TV per day. In my opinion, much of TV is not very inspiring anyway. I switched off from the mindless TV, the reality shows, the soap operas, the NEWS! which just drained my energy, about a year ago, and have created so much in my life I now wonder where I ever found the time for TV – and this is not because I am working so hard, as much as because I am having so much fun learning and running my business! If I do switch it on now (which is still rare, maybe once or twice a month), it’s for a specific reason to feed my mind, shows about business, entrepreneurs, inventions etc., things which inspire my creativity not dumb it down, or to feed my soul with nature programs or good laugh-out-loud comedy shows.

Cut out waste-of-time activities. Do you spend several hours every day just mooching around, having long unnecessary chats with friends and family on the phone, surfing the internet and social media (although you can make this one productive!), or going to a bar to hang out just because you think you have nothing better to do? How many hours are you losing there that could be put to better use?

Keep a schedule and to-do list. If you know what you have to do in a day, you need to spend less time thinking about what you need to get done. You will be less easily distracted from, or forget completely, tasks you need to do. Your head-space will be less cluttered. This will make your time much easier to organise and free up much more. If you have tasks you do regularly, daily, weekly, monthly, then put them on a list/calendar/electronic organiser, and put this somewhere you will easily see it first thing in the morning. Make your list the FIRST thing you do every day, not the last. Nothing feels more like an accomplishment than a completely checked-off to-do list.

Automate your life. In this technological age it is so easy to automate much of your life, freeing up precious minutes and hours. Pay your bills by Direct Debit or Standing Order. Set up an email responder or your answering service to say you respond at a certain time of day, and pick a time that you will devote to that. Stick to it, and you won’t need to be constantly checking your email or phone messages, distracting you from other, more important tasks.

Use your lunch-hour productively. Do you tend to sit around the cafeteria chatting with colleagues, reading a magazine, wandering local shops just to fill in that gap in your work-day? How many tasks from your to-do list could you complete in that time, which would save you having to do them later, when you finish work and you just want to get home and start working on your project, like building your own business, and earning you a second income? You could actually use your lunch-hour to operate your online business, as much can be done from your smartphone or tablet. Even if you don’t want to do this in your workplace, you can still free up some valuable ‘work from home’ time by doing many of your everyday chores during your lunch-hour.

Look after your body. Your body is your engine. You can only work as efficiently as your engine. Think of a car, it needs good, clean oil and fuel to keep working well. When it becomes dirty or contaminated, it’s performance is affected. Look at the fuel you are putting into your body. Will it keep you running smoothly?


“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day—unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” –Old Zen proverb

Practising mindful meditation can help you slow time down and gain more appreciation for who you are and what you do in life. Sitting in meditation for even 20 minutes a day for a few weeks has been shown to…insert technical health jargon here…simply rock your world. If you want more focus, more energy, more appreciation for life, I’d suggest giving meditation a whirl. Trust me it will spill into other areas of your life the more you practise.

So, now you have realised your true value, found an extra hour or two every day, are you ready to commit to building your new business and work towards freedom and the life of your dreams? If so, that’s all you need. SFI will give you all the training, tools and resources you need, and I will be your personal mentor to guide you through it. Join my team NOW by clicking the button below!



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