Member Reward Points, MRP, Tripleclicks

Member Reward Points (MRP)

What are Member Reward Points – MRP – at TripleClicks?

Member Reward Points, MRP, Tripleclicks

Every time you spend cash or TCredits at TripleClicks you earn Member Reward Points.

They can then be used as real currency to buy products.

How to Earn MRP

Buying Products

Advanced Liquid Nutrition, TripleClicks, Member reward points, MRPAny product you buy gives you MRP. This is shown to the right of the product page. When you buy Advanced Liquid Nutrition, for example, you also earn 23MRP as shown in the picture.

Bidding in Pricebenders Auctions

Every TCredit you use to bid in the Auctions earns you 5MRP. There are also Double Points (DP) auctions where you will earn 10MRP for every bid you place.

Playing in Eager Zebra Games

You can earn unlimited MRP from playing in the games at TripleClicks. Every game entry for which you pay a TCredit to enter earns you 5MRP. In some games you have the opportunity to use ‘lifelines‘ for which you will also earn MRP.

The best game for earning MRP is Knockout Trivia, with many Double MRP (10MRP) games available to play, and the opportunity to earn MRP on all lifelines used and if you get knocked out of the game, and need to use more TCredits to ‘revive‘ (buy back into the game).

Join the Wave!

Join TripleClicks’ Wave3 program to receive 50MRP every month, as well as other rewards. It is FREE to join, with only a single $1.95 fee for shipping cost, and you will receive your rewards every month.

Enter the SFI Daily Grand Draw

There are many different prizes to be won in the SFI Daily Grand draw, MRPs is just one of them.

The Daily Grand draw is exclusive to SFI Affiliates. CLICK HERE to find out more about becoming an SFI Affiliate and JOIN FOR FREE.

What Can I Buy With My MRP?

You can buy anything from the TripleClicks store with your MRP. Every product page shows you how many MRP you will need to buy the product. When you get to the Checkout page, you will be offered the option to pay with MRP.

SFI Affiliates also have access to Exclusive Member Rewards, with special deals on items like iPads, Kindles, Lifetime Custom Prestige Domain, magazine subscriptions, etc. at bargain MRP prices.

Do MRP Expire?

Yes. MRP expire 1 year after earning them. That means you have a full year to build them up and buy something you’d really like.

* Special Note for SFI Affiliates *

A popular method amongst SFI Affiliates for making their 1500VP by the end of the month to make EA, if they are short of a few VP after doing all their points activities, is to  use their MRP to buy SINGLE TCredits.

A single TCredit costs 126MRP and will earn you 102VP.

Compare this example:

You have 1260MRP in your MRP account.

If you buy a 10-pack of TCredits it will cost you 1084MRP. It will earn you 239VP.

However, if you use your 1260MRP to buy 10 SINGLE TCredits, that will earn you 1020VP. Big difference!

You can use your MRP to buy just as many, or as few, TCredits as you need to make EA that month. I would tend to wait until the end of the month, and see how many VP I can earn for free, and then if I need to, I can buy just what I need to make EA.


What others are saying about SFI:
SFI is the real deal for anyone who is searching for a genuine home-based business with very little cost to run but tons of valuable materials to help you run it successfullyand plenty of support. I have come to love everything about SFI. To me SFI is not just a place to make money, but a powerful Resource Center and a social center. I am happy and grateful to be a member of SFI. Thumbs up SFI.
S. Olum

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