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Since the new TripleClicks game, Knockout Trivia, was launched just over a year ago, I have played it since launch and it has never lost it´s appeal for me. I enjoy taking a few minutes out of my working day to play this quiz game.

If you are familiar with ´Who Wants To Be A Millionaire´, you will recognise the format – 1 question, 4 answers, and a couple of lifelines, including the ability to buy back in of you are knocked out in the early stages, and the 50/50 option if you want to narrow down your choices.

I have always managed to stay quite high on the Winners Leaderboard, currently at #10, with over 600 wins under my belt.

Knockout Trivia winner

And TripleClicks has just made the game that bit more exciting, announcing the new ´League’ component. We can now play as a team.

So I wasted no time in grabbing my team name, TeamDynamo!

If you enjoy quizzes, you are sure to enjoy Knockout Trivia!

If you would like to join me, in what is already sure to be a winning team, please do so right here or by clicking on the following link:

You will need this League Password: ZJ9yFb to join my League

You’ve been invited to an Knockout Trivia league!

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I´ll be happy to have you on board!

Or, if you would like to start your own quiz league, for your family, friends or for a team you are already connected with in some way – quizzing, sports, work – then start by joining Tripleclicks and read the following article about how to set up your own quiz league.

Fun, free league play now available for Card King, Gold Streak, KOT!

Joining Uber-Picks league play, we are pleased to announce today that league play is now available for: Card King Gold Streak Knockout Trivia Yes, you can now create your own private league for any of these three popular Eager Zebra games!

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