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Is SFI a Scam?

is SFI a scam, online business, passive income, business opportunities, online business scamWhen looking for an online business opportunity, probably the most commonly asked question is – Is it a scam?

And rightly so, as the internet is not without it’s risks, and it pays to be well informed before handing over your credit card or PayPal details to a complete stranger.

Unfortunately, the term ‘MLM‘ has been tarnished with a bad reputation by so-called ‘pyramid schemes’ that have emerged over the years. However, MLM is actually a very valid business model that has been used for decades, by big names with which we are all familiar, Avon, Tupperware, and many more highly successful businesses.

There is another side to the ‘scam’ story, however, and that is embedded, not in the real scams, that simply take your money and run, offering nothing of value in return, but in some people’s perceptions. I have noticed a couple of myths have emerged in the online business world:

Myth #1 – If there is any cost involved, it’s a scam

Any and every business you ever want to start has some costs involved; startup costs, running costs, etc.

If you have a physical business, you may need finance for stock, premises, employees, advertising. This could run to $1000s of dollars per year. I know – I did it! Another aspect of running your own business is that you don’t expect to be in profit immediately, often your first year or two is more focussed on recouping your initial investment and breaking even, before you make a dime in profit.

Not everything you have to pay for is a scam. If you buy a business manual, or attend a course, on how to start your own business, and by the end of it, you don’t have a business making massive profits, does that make it a scam? No. Why not? Because just paying for a book or a course is not enough. YOU have to do something yourself, YOU have to take action to build that business. And there are costs involved in building that business.

Online businesses will incur some costs too, for expenses such as advertising, autoresponder services, training, graphics design, website hosting and domain names. It is a myth that you can do ALL of this for free, however you can do much of it for no cost or, as with all expenses, it pays to shop around to ensure you are getting the best value for money. The cost of running an online business is still significantly smaller than the cost of running a physical business.

While there’s lots of training and tools available on the net for free, given by very generous donors, you do have to accept that at some point, you will need to invest in yourself on the path to success.

SFI really does provide you with all the tools and training you need to get started – for FREE. However, I will not deny that if you want to grow your business faster, bigger and better, there are optional costs you can choose to invest in along the way. Fortunately, when you join SFI there is a huge community of affiliates whose knowledge you can tap into to discuss what kind of investments are worthwhile for you to make to enhance your business.

Myth #2 – If you don’t make $1000s/month overnight, without doing any work, it’s a scam

That is the myth. I would say, in general, one which promises you will make $1000s overnight, without doing any work, or simply by ‘cutting and pasting’ is probably a scam.

There are many adverts all over the internet, claiming “I make over $10k a month“, or “I became an internet millionaire“, and showing the lovely car, house and luxury lifestyle most commonly associated with a big lottery winner. They make it look so easy, but they rarely show the work that goes on behind the scenes that gives them that luxury lifestyle, so it appears like they don’t actually do any work.

Now, I am not claiming that the statements in the paragraph above are always lies. I do personally know people who are making a wonderful living through online business, yes even as far as making $10k/month and more. I do know people who have become internet millionaires. However, I do also know that it didn’t happen for them overnight, and I also know that a great amount of commitment, dedication and WORK went into creating that luxurious lifestyle they can now enjoy. And, because they learned and utilized the power of residual income and leveraged income – both of which are elements of the SFI business program – they probably do now work fewer hours than they once did, and certainly less than the standard 40-hour week involved in working for an employer. Also, because their business is online, they do often have the freedom to operate their business from anywhere, even a beach house in Hawaii (as long as there is an internet connection).

You do need to realise that the ‘internet millionaire’ is the exception rather than the rule. I’m not saying it’s not possible. However, there are many more online business owners who do not make millions, but who do make a very comfortable living from working online, allowing them a ‘freedom lifestyle’, freedom from the daily commute, freedom from the boss, freedom to travel, freedom from childcare expenses and who really want to enjoy staying home with their kids watching them grow up.

You will not see a SFI affiliate announcing all over the internet how much they make, or splashing copies of false pay cheques around. Why? Because we know that doing so just makes us look like all those ‘scammers’ or gives a false impression to the new beginner in online business who would soon lose heart if they didn’t achieve that overnight. In fact, SFI has a whole series of Launchpad lessons for you when you begin: Day 11 is entitled Overnight Success – Not! Join my team HERE and you can log in and read these lessons for free with no obligation.

With SFI, the overriding principle is – You will get out of this what you put in! If you are determined to succeed, then you will, because you will understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Whether you invest your time or your money – and time to learn the business is your most valuable investment – YOU have to take action to make it work, just as you would with any business.

One of my fellow SFI affiliates, Andy Zeus Anderson, posted the following message in the very popular SFI community forum the other day, and I think it paints a very practical and honest picture of the difference between those who are successful, and those who give up on the SFI business model and those few who even move on to calling SFI a ‘scam’.

Hey folks, it’s Andy here and I wanted to address a serious issue that we face as members of SFI.

See in any online business or offline business only 3% of the population will become top earners and be highly successful. The rest of us come somewhere below this crowd that makes 80% of the world’s income and the largest number of people in the world see little to no success at all in owning their own business.

The single largest business killers are lack of dedication and lack of knowledge.

To greatly increase your odds of success you must constantly increase the value you give to your business. You must read like a leader and apply what you learn, and be dedicated to sticking out during the tough times or you will fail.

As a result every year SFI has tens of thousands of people lose their business, they fail, and about half of 1 percent will blame SFI for the failure because we all have EGO issues.

SFI has been in business for 17 years and has had millions of members and the half of a percent that blame SFI for their self designed failure is thousands of people and many of them are now bloggers who write poison pen reviews.

What is a poison pen review?

This occurs when someone writes things they know are not true in order to hurt the business they feel has wronged them. 99.9% of all reviews that attack SFI are full of false information. The comments that follow are much the same and one of the biggest claims is that the person supposedly bought everything they were told to buy which you are never told to buy anything and are actually told you don’t have to buy anything.

Another line of attack is they misquote the Executive Bonus Pool as a MLM style Pyramid scheme or Ponzi Scam.

Part of the origin of this is the number of members we get who have just left the MLM field and think in terms of everyone must join, place a standing order and only focus on referring more affiliates who place standing orders. That is a system of failure, it fails because as the pyramid gets bigger and bigger it gets harder to find serious recruits who will place a standing order so the people in last make the least money and many don’t earn anything.

SFI however is an Affiliate Marketing company like the affiliate systems of E-Bay and Amazon.

You make money off the sales of retail goods offered by over 6,000 merchants in nearly 200 countries around the globe. You never have to buy anything to earn money, to make rank, or accomplish DTL membership. You can do it all by learning to promote products for sale and teaching the Personally Sponsored Affiliates or PSA you refer to do the same.

The Bonus Pool offers a dynamic that is more honest than the E-bay and Amazon affiliate programs in the fact that with them, your regular sales referral efforts will bring them new affiliates and they never give you a dime off the money those affiliate generate for them. With SFI not only do you earn Versa Points off the sales generated by your downline you also earn off their actions as well and the pool is a share of the total profits of TripleClicks.

SFI doesn’t pay you 4-6% off the top and take the team you built paying you nothing, they give you the ability to earn additional and residual income off up to 12 levels of referrals under you. You just need to help the people you bring in learn to sell, learn to recruit, and learn to teach this to their teams too.

SFI could exist even if not one affiliate ever placed a standing order because world wide there are 2 billion online shoppers and over 100 million online retailers. SFI however chooses to share in all levels of success with you as an affiliate and makes you a partner in the success of TripleClicks.
Andy Zeus Anderson

You can read this message in it’s original form, with feedback from the SFI community, HERE. You can read this even if you are not yet an SFI affiliate. SFI believes in transparency and openness, and so makes it’s forum open to public viewing. No other online business, that I am aware of, does this.

When you are satisfied that SFI is not a scam, but a genuine business that has been operating successfully for 17 years (no scam can say that!) and you are ready to commit to building your own successful SFI business, make sure you click the button below and join my team. I am a very active Team Leader who promises you personal support as often as you need it to help you on your path to success.
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What others are saying about SFI
In a word…WOW! SFI is the single best online affiliate business out there! I have tried so many I can’t even count! I came across SFI surfing the Web for an online business, and I have been hooked ever sense I started. My daughter wants to join SFI!! Wow right? Thank you so much for this opportunity…Finally one for me!
M. Aragon

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