If English Is Not Your First Language…

If English Is Not Your First Language, This is Not A Barrier in SFI

In my TeamMail last week, I invited my team to suggest areas or aspects of running their SFI business that they struggled with. This would help me provide training tailored to affiliates’ needs.

I was happy to receive a few suggestions, one of which I am covering in this post, and a few more that I will cover in my upcoming posts.

One of my team emailed me to say he had not yet been able to start his SFI business because his English is not very good, therefore he struggled to know what to do. He is from United Arab Emirates and his first language is Persian/Farsi.

This is a really important question as SFI is a truly international company with almost 5.5 million affiliates across 203 countries, and over 3,000 ECAs (E-Commerce Associates) in 139 countries. The potential for an even more successful future for SFI is far greater if any language barriers can be overcome.

So this is what I was able to communicate to my team member:

English is not a problem for anybody wishing to work with SFI. There are many available translation tools.

I use Google Translate (

There is a Translate button at the bottom of each page on the SFI website.

the translate button on the SFI website

There is also a translate button at the top of my website so you can read my training articles.

Now you know how to translate, if you have not yet started with SFI, here is my page showing how you can get started:

If you want to read any English, you can use the Translate buttons to translate to Persian.

If you want to send emails or communicate with others in SFI, in the forum or your team when you have one, you can use Google Translate to write your communication in Persian and it will convert it into English for you.

I am happy to see that since I replied to them, my team member has become active, so I do hope this information helps them to progress and helps others to become more active too.

Other features of the SFI website that will help our international friends with their business are:

  • regional sub-forums within the SFI forum – whichever country you are from, there will be a sub-forum specifically for your country or your region. This is where affiliates can connect with others local to them, and is where they can post questions and answers in their own language, and receive help from other affiliates local to them
  • A2A friends – this is SFI’s social network tool for affiliates to connect directly with other affiliates. They can then directly message or chat with the SFI Instant Messenger. You can connect with anybody in the SFI network who you think may be able to help you. It is particularly useful for connecting with members from your own country or who speak the same language.
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