Happy New Year Gifts from SFI

Happy New Year! Gifts from SFI

Happy New Year Gifts from SFI

SFI is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Our President, Gery Carson, promised us some exciting new developments for the New Year and, oh my goodness, did he deliver!

So, what was in our bag of goodies this time?

1. Your new, exclusive JMT Gateway

Personally, I think this is the nicest gateway we have. JMT stands for Join My Team. This gateway is personal to YOU, it shows YOUR status with SFI, including your list of badges. It is highly informative to prospective affiliates. I believe it will be a highly effective tool for promoting your SFI business and building your team. You can view mine HERE if you wish.

  • To generate your own JMT Gateway (if you are an SFI affiliate. If not, you may join through my gateway, shown above), copy this address into a notepad document:
  • http://www.joinmysfiteam.com/XXXX
  • Replace the XXXX with your own 8-digit SFI ID number.
  • Save this or bookmark it.
  • Send to your friends and family to invite them to start their own SFI business.
  • Use it in your marketing in your website/blog, classified ads etc. to grow your team further afield.

Read more about your NEW JMT Gateway here.

SFI Diamond Team Leader Badge2. The new Diamond Team Leader rank

This is exciting! I mean, Silver, Gold & Platinum ranks were quite an achievement, but to be able to aim for Diamond now too. Wow! I can’t wait to see who gets this first. It really helps you grow your business if you set this as your target to aim for. Please read Leon’s motivational post in the forum How To Retire With SFI Sooner Than Later…

The requirements to be a Diamond Team Leader (DTL) are:

  • 1500 SVP (Sales VersaPoints)
  • Develop 5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) on your first level

And to help in our progress, the team-building requirements have altered too. We are now rewarded with MORE VPs for our team members’ achievements, enabling us to advance through our Team Leader ranks easier, and to earn even more shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool, so more earnings for you!

Read more about the NEW Diamond Team Leader rank and adjustments to your other ranks here.

3. The Plan

the plan, sfiThe Plan is the clearest explanation I have seen yet, of how you can develop your SFI by advancing through the ranks and how those VPs you collect, free, earned and paid for, translate into progress.

See The Plan here.

4. VP Spin & Win

Now, in some of the newsletters you receive from SFI, you will get an opportunity to play VP Spin & Win for FREE. There is up to 1000 VersaPoints to be won each time you spin. All you have to do is answer one or more simple questions to show that you have read the newsletter, and the reels will open up to you.

I have just read in the forum that one of our SFI colleagues has won 500VP on the very first spin! Considering you only need 1500VP each month to remain qualified as an Executive Affiliate, this could help you tremendously.

Read more about VP Spin and Win here.

TripleClicks Avatar5. Your own personal TripleClicks Avatar

You can now personalise your TConnect page at TripleClicks with your own personal avatar. Have some fun with this. You can make it look however you like. Here’s mine to the right. I’ve made it a pretty good likeness of me I think.

Find out how to do this here.


What others are saying about SFI:
SFI really has a very flexible system that cares for everyone, rich or poor. The system is user-friendly, and there’s no need to register with money as a new affiliate. All that you need is to make up your mind to move forward and team up with your upline for assistance.

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