Happy Holidays, protect your versapoints streak, vacation mode

Happy Holidays! How To Protect Your VersaPoints Streak

Happy Holidays, protect your versapoints streak, vacation modeThe Christmas and New Year holidays have begun for many, and I hope you all enjoy them very much.

So if you do want to take some time out from your SFI business, you may if you wish. After all, SFI is YOUR business, you are the boss, you set your own schedule.

However, as maintaining your Daily VersaPoints Streak and profile badge only requires you to log in and collect 10 VPs each day, which can take less than 10 minutes to do, I do highly recommend you try to do this if you can, as it is a valuable daily routine and discipline to maintain. I went away to an event in London earlier this year and it was no problem for me to log in every day, on my smartphone, to collect 10VP.

If you really want or need to take some time out, or if you are going to be away from home and do not know if you will have internet access at all, protect your VersaPoints Streak by switching on the VP Streak Vacation Mode in your SFI account. You will find it HERE or by clicking on the My Acct. tab on your SFI homepage.

This is really important, as I have known affiliates to lose their hard-earned 365-day VP Streak badge by missing just one day, having forgotten to activate the Vacation Mode.

For each day that Vacation Mode is switched on, you will lose one day from your streak (this is better than losing a whole year’s streak!), so do remember to switch it back on when you are back to work again.

Vacation Mode does not ONLY include holidays you are going on. If you predict any reason that could really stop you from logging in, such as a family wedding to go to, or even in the worst case scenario, as I have known it happen, a hurricane is forecast in the weather bulletin and you may lose power. make sure you put your Vacation Mode on as a precaution to protect your VP Streak and badge.

There are some circumstances which cannot possibly be foreseen. Don’t worry too much if such an event happens. The SFI team are really understanding and under extreme circumstances they can award you your badge back if you lose it. However, this is a last resort and really has to have special and rare permission. It certainly wouldn’t be allowed if it were habitual. Your Daily VersaPoints Streak badge is a valuable asset. It would be undervalued if it were not so protected.

Now, have the most wonderful time with your family, friends, loved ones over the holiday period. I will still be around at times if you need any help (just drop me an email) and I really look forward to seeing you in the New Year – I have lots of exciting plans to help you take your business into 2015!


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My schedule is crazy; I do not have regular time to allot for online projects. But the SFI program is so well-built that with determined devotion and perseverance, combined with a modest investment, anyone can succeed with this business.
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