Ask SC, grow your income by growing your knowledge

Grow your income by growing your knowledge!

Newsletter – 23 May 2015

Ask SC, grow your income by growing your knowledgeHi my super team,

I hope you are having a GREAT month and moving your business forward towards reaching your goals.

In this newsletter, I want to highlight what I think is one of the very best training tools you have, for free, at SFI – Ask SC!

You should know about Ask SC already, as it is one of your daily tasks, but are you really get maximum benefit from it?

It is full of such useful information, questions asked and answers provided by your peers here at SFI, many of them Team Leaders with a wealth of current and relevant experience to help you.

There are at least 5 ways you can use Ask SC:

1. When you click on your Ask SC tab, you will get the main index listing the complete library of questions. You can browse through this.

2. To collect your free daily VP, scroll to the bottom of the list and click ‘Begin rating today’s answers’. You will be presented with a single answer and after a few seconds, giving you chance to read it, you will be asked to rate whether the answer was helpful or not.

Rate 10 answers to earn your 1 VP.
Rate 30 answers to earn an extra bonus entry into the Daily Grand draw, where you can win prizes.

I highly recommend reading and rating the full 30 answers as often as you possibly can. This was where I gained my most valuable knowledge of the SFI/TC program. When I first began with SFI, many of the questions and answers did not make a lot of sense to me, because I was lacking experience, but as I read more, the pieces of the puzzle gradually fell into place.

Many drips will soon fill the bucket (of knowledge)!

3. Use the ‘Search Questions’ box on the page to find more questions about a particular topic, e.g. Fast-Track, ECA, build team, etc.

This way you can improve your knowledge by focussing on one subject per day, for example, by spending an hour each day on one specific aspect of your SFI business.

4. Ask and answer questions yourself

Although you have to be EA2 or higher to submit your own questions, ALL affiliates are eligible to add their own answers to questions, when you feel you know enough about it to do so.

By answering questions, you will test yourself on your own knowledge. It will also help you improve your own communication skills with your team as you become better at explaining aspects of SFI yourself. The best way to learn is to teach!

Also, and this is really important!! You can earn free VPs by adding your own answers, if they are rated in the top 10 answers.

The most popular answer will win 100VP, as I did for my answer to this question:
What is the importance of the new ECA tab at the Affiliate Center? How will you be using it to grow your business?

The 2nd most popular answer will win 50VP, as I did for my answer to this question:
How can a disabled person with no marketing skills build a successful business with SFI?

Answers which are voted in 3rd-10th places will win 25VP, as I did for my answers in these questions:
How important is it to read the latest SFI news…and how does this apply to building your business?

How do I get my sponsor to notice me and provide guidance?

So this month, I earned an extra 200VP for answering Ask SC questions. This has helped me achieve Silver Team Leader rank.

You can find questions open for answering here:

You can submit your own questions here:
(Please note: these need to be ‘big picture’ questions that will be useful to all affiliates in general. If you have specific questions for which you need a fast and direct answer, the forum is the best place to ask questions here:, which is also a fantastic source of help, or of course, you can contact your sponsor/upline directly)

5. Use Ask SC to help you write your own newsletters to your team, or use it to help you build your blog (if you have one, which I highly recommend!)

Pick a topic or a question or two, which you think will be helpful to your team, and use that as the basis of your communication, providing links to topics of interest, and adding your own views or experience if you can.

I hope this has been helpful for you. As always, if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything further, if I can be of help, contact me directly by email or TeamMail, and I will help you to the best of my ability.

Enjoy your weekend!

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What others are saying about SFI
SFI is awesome. The support I have received is amazing. I have been with SFI for 3 weeks and am aiming for STL before the end of the month! Thank you Gery for an awesome business and thanks to my sponsor for the exceptional support.
H. Graham

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