every VersaPoint counts, how to collect VP in SFI

Every Point Counts!

In SFI, your first objective is to reach the rank of Executive Affiliate (EA) each month, if you want to unlock your earnings from the TripleClicks Executive Pool, i.e. share in the profits of TripleClicks.com.

To do this, you need to collect 1500VP each month. SFI offers you lots of ways to earn FREE VersaPoints, while you are learning and growing your business.

The points available to you are set out in your To-Do List. This picture shows you just one section, your Daily Actions:

every VersaPoint counts, how to collect VP in SFI

You see that the first 12 items on the list are worth 1VP each to you, but they must be done EVERY DAY to earn those points. After 5 days, the top of your Daily Actions list should look similar to this picture, meaning you have collected 5VP for each item after 5 days. If you miss a day, you miss out on these points. You cannot get them back.

I have often seen in the Member’s Forum posts from affiliates who are worried at the end of the month because they are say, 10VP short to make EA. While the Daily Actions are not enough in themselves to make EA, they do make up a great portion of it, added to the other VPs freely available, and the extra VPs an affiliate can earn from marketing and team-building activities.

When I am somebody’s Team Leader, if one of my team were to contact me and say they were 10VP short at the end of the month, I would look at their VP Ledger to see how much they have been working themselves to earn their VPs. If I see that they have done ALL of their Daily Actions and as many other activities as could reasonably be expected – if they have really shown a commitment to building their SFI business – I will be much more likely to help them earn those extra VPs they need, perhaps even at my own expense, after discussing with them if there are any other ways of them getting the VPs they need for themselves.

If an affiliate is not doing all their daily tasks with SFI, not only are they losing the valuable VPs, but they are also missing out on the most valuable opportunities for learning.

I do notice that one of the most frequently missed Daily Actions is the ASK SC Tab. On this tab, SFI affiliates ask questions related to running their SFI business, and other affiliates offer their answers. We then have the opportunity to review these questions and answers and vote whether we find them helpful or not. Personally, I find about 99% of them very helpful. Sometimes, when you first begin with SFI, they may not make much sense to you, but by continuing to read them daily, they begin to make more sense and really help you build your business.

Rating 10 ASK SC answers earns you 1VP, and rating 30 earns you an extra entry in the Daily Grand Draw to win prizes. ASK SC is really helpful to your SFI business. I always rate 30 answers every day, this may be the longest task you need to do, but in my opinion, is the most valuable for your continued learning.



What others are saying about SFI:
You just can’t go wrong if you carefully read and follow the information provided and rigorously apply the activities in the Daily To Do List. SFI ROCKS!
E. Wessels

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