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How Do I Earn Money at TripleClicks?

So How Do I, And You, Earn Money at TripleClicks?

How Do I Earn Money at TripleClicks?As an SFI affiliate, there are MULTIPLE ways to earn money through the TripleClicks store, which you need to consider as YOUR store.

By attracting people to register and shop at TripleClicks, do you know you will earn cash commissions and/or VPs on their purchases and sales FOR EVER?!?

TripleClicks makes this easy to do in so many ways:

Do you, or anybody you know, have something to sell?

If you have new products to sell, you can set up your own store by becoming an E-Commerce Associate.

If you encourage others you know to set up their own store, you will earn commissions and VPs on their sales for life!

Promote the ECA program by using your ECA Gateway which is:

If you have unwanted items around your home, why not turn them into cash by using Member Listings?

Send people to your TripleClicks TConnect page where your items are listed:

Send people to your TripleClicks Gateway which is:

All of your Gateways can be found here:

If you want to promote any individual product from any seller/ECA on TripleClicks, go to the product page, click on the ‘SFI Affiliates‘ tab, and that will give you your own link for that product, and tell you how much you will earn.

Promote the games!

Especially Knockout Trivia, which is new and really popular. People can try for FREE in the free games available.

People will probably want to buy TCredits to play the games.
If they have followed your link and registered with TripleClicks, you will earn commissions from the TCredits they buy.

They, and you, can earn FREE Tcredits by entering the T-Time contest every hour at

Encourage people to join the Wave, where you get FREE stuff every month:

Some people may be interested in the Pricebenders Auctions:

You can promote these services to people you know, and even to people you don’t know, by promoting your Gateways using social media or your own blog. As soon as they become a member of TripleClicks, you will earn commissions and VPs from their purchases and sales FOR LIFE!

If you promote something on TripleClicks, whatever it is: a member listing, a product, the ECA program, the games, this is how you will earn:

– if the visitor to TripleClicks has never registered before, but registers now by arriving at TripleClicks through your Gateway, they become your PRM (Personally Referred Member). You will earn 45% of the CV (Commission Volume) on this sale, and on everything they ever buy at TripleClicks in the future, creating residual income for you for life!

– if the visitor to TripleClicks is already a member, somebody elses’s PRM, but on this occasion they buy what you are promoting, you will earn 10% of the CV.

– you will also earn the VPs attached to the sales, thereby helping to maintain or increase your rank with SFI.

– once people have registered at TripleClicks, and have become your PRM, there is no need for them to follow only your links. It is recorded in the system that they are your PRM and you earn those commissions every time they purchase at TripleClicks FOR LIFE! So encourage people to register by any method you like.

– Also, by promoting TripleClicks to as many people as you can, you will benefit from overall profits being higher. These profits go into the TripleClicks Executive Pool, so if you are an EA or higher and you maintain your rank each month, you get shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool each month.
What Is The TripleClicks Executive Pool?

The best LEVERAGED INCOME Compensation Plan on the Internet

Many affiliate programs allow you to earn only on the products and services you promote yourself. However, SFI’s unique plan means that you will earn from the activities of the team you build too. Up to 12 levels down, you will earn Matching VersaPoints from your downline, when they become Executive Affiliates too. Not even Amazon have this level of affiliate earning potential.

*** Important Note About Gateways ***

You will find that many of your Gateways will not be allowed to be posted on some social media, and classified ads sites. This is simply because SFI and TripleClicks are so popular, with so many people recommending them, that they get flagged as highly promoted, but unfortunately labelled as spam.

Sometimes it will be necessary to ‘cloak’ your links. In fact, it is a good idea to always cloak your links.

Some FREE link-cloaking facilities can be found at:

There are some even better alternatives to these cloaking facilities, because sometimes the sites can see behind the cloaks and disallow the posting of them. Some ways around this are:

– create your own blog to talk about TripleClicks and the benefits of it, and to promote products etc. and use your Gateway in your blog. There are some free blogging websites, however you need to check the terms as some do not let you post many affiliate links in them.

– buy your own domain name and web hosting. Web hosting often comes with full paid WordPress service, which has no restriction on your affiliate links. I bought mine with a very good introductory offer, which gives me a domain name with 100 subdomains, great for your individual gateways, and WordPress hosting, for only a couple of dollars for a full year. After the year, it will go up to a few dollars a month, but you will probably be more than covering that cost.

– post the links to your blog. They are much more acceptable to social media and classified ads sites, as you are the only person using your domain, not thousands of others, so they are not seen as spam by the large systems (as long as you don’t overdo it!)


Many websites allow only 1 or 2 of your links to be placed within a period. Placing too many will result in you being banned or sent to ‘Facebook Jail’ as has happened to me. So be very careful.

So many ways to earn from TripleClicks.

Learn, practise and enjoy RESIDUAL INCOME for LIFE!

Remember, I am here to help always.


What others are saying about SFI:
I have been actively involved with SFI since July. Initially I was reluctant to join because of previous bad encounters with others. Took time to read the home page, especially ASK SC and it was an eye opener. Got down to seriously doing the daily to do list, and I became a Bronze Team Leader in the first month. There are so many ways to get that additional income for a better life in SFI.
C. Vijayan

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