What Every Online Business Needs

Many people think it is enough just to sign up for an online business or create a simple website, and then they are going to make money.

This is wrong! It takes consistent effort and work if you want to build that dream lifestyle you want.

Online business is highly competitive, and you have to actively seek customers.

Think of a physical store, and how they get business, customers, and make money.

The most popular store is the one with which more people are familiar, the one whose name is seen everywhere, the one with the more attractive storefront. The one that is in the mall with lots of shoppers, not in the back street where nobody goes. The one that advertises in local and national press, and even on TV. The one that builds its brand.

online-business-planJust as a physical business needs ‘traffic’ so does an online business. Without customers, there is no business.

The customers are out there, but are you?

The internet reaches a global marketplace of up to 7 billion potential customers, its reach is increasing all the time as technology is reaching new parts of the world, as more people are becoming more internet-savvy. And more and more people all the time are realising they can use the internet to benefit their lives, maybe even make a living that is more dependable than a job working for an employer. The time is absolutely ripe for building your business NOW!

Whichever business model you use – direct selling, affiliate marketing, network marketing, MLM, etc. – the one area you MUST focus on is advertising and promotion. In any successful business, if you looked at their accounts, you would see that this is always one of their biggest investments.

Big businesses invest heavily in advertising, but what about you? What about the individual who is just starting out in online business, working from home on their own, and doesn’t have the budget that the big businesses have?

The main areas you need to focus on to build your own online business fall roughly into these categories:

  • Find a program or a niche you want to work with
  • Plan what you want to achieve, and what you need to get there
  • Investment – time and/or money
  • Build a website
  • Build a list
  • Build relationships
  • Brand YOU!
  • Drive traffic to your business

… although not necessarily in this order, but this is a combination of things you need to learn and do in order to build your successful online business.

Even when you have all of these elements set up, you need to consistently work on your business, even before you see results, often before you see financial rewards. You should be aiming to spend at least 1-2 hours per day on your business, although this may be much more in the beginning while you are learning so much, preparing and putting plans in place. And it is true that the more time and effort you commit, the faster your business will grow. Some financial investment will be essential too, but you need to know how the tools work in order to invest economically in your business.

This might, to somebody just thinking about online business, sound difficult, but it isn’t really. What is important is to be able to manage your expectations. You would not start at medical school and expect to be performing surgery within a week or two. You would not go to a gym once and expect to lose weight immediately.

However, while all the above elements of building an online business can be taught and learned, the most important thing you really need to success are personal attributes, which can be defined as these 3Ps:

  • Passion
  • Persistence
  • Patience

These are essential traits that all successful entrepreneurs have and, if you don’t have them already, they are traits that need to be developed. A vital start in this process is to commit to a daily practise. Write up a schedule.

Some elements to include on a daily basis are:

  • Your core business activity – in the case of SFI, your To Do list on your SFI homepage
  • Respond to your customer and team enquiries
  • Keep up with news and developments in your business or industry
  • Do some creative work
    • write a blog post
    • create some marketing materials
    • write a newsletter
    • make a promotional or training video
  • Promote! Get eyes on your website or business!
  • Network – connect with people on a social level who may be interested in what you have to offer

If you can commit at least one hour every day, and certainly more if you can, to developing your skills and your business, you WILL achieve success – how much is up to you!


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