akismet is now charging, akismet has gone from free to paid

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin Now Charging

Akismet Has Gone From FREE to PAID

If you wanted the essential tool for blocking spam to your websites, Akismet was always the go-to leader in this field. I had it installed on all of my own websites.

Owned by WordPress, it was powerful and it was free – users could choose to donate if they wished.

However, an announcement today by Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate brought my attention to the fact that this has now changed and Akismet is now a paid service, with a donation possible for only the most basic of websites, with many of the previously included features stripped out.

This charge is not just applicable to new users of Akismet, many users have noticed that the plugin has already been disabled or has a “warning” message indicating that they are operating a commercial website and they need to pay for Akismet if they wish to continue using it.

akismet is now charging, akismet has gone from free to paid

So What Can You Do About It?

Kyle, whom, as co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, I consider a leader in being up-to-date on all things necessary to build your online presence, recommends WP Spamshield, and has already implemented the change in the free WordPress websites offered in their SiteRubix platform. If you get a free website from SiteRubix, WP Spamshield is pre-installed for you as standard, no need for you to go searching for it.

WP Spamshield has 400,000+ installs and excellent reviews already, which shows the confidence level is high amongst webmasters.

The main benefits are:

  • No need to set up another account to get an Akismet key
  • No fees associated with WP Spamshield, ever.
  • Superior comment spam protection.

So, I wasted no time in making the change myself.

How to Remove Akismet and Install WP Spamshield

  1. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins
  2. Deactive then Delete Akismet
  3. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  4. Search for WP Spamshield
  5. Click on Install Now
  6. Activate the WP Spamshield Plugin

There are settings which you can adjust in this plugin. However, the default settings will be sufficient to block all incoming spam to your website.

Akismet Plugin – The Dark Side of Greed.

We have been recommending Akismet for years here at Wealthy Affiliate and for the most part it has been quite a good little plugin for those who needed a tool to block comment spam from their websites.


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