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4 Ways To Get Free Advertising For Your Business

free advertising, businessOne of the most common questions I get asked by my SFI team is – “How can I advertise my business if I have no money to spend on advertising?”

There are lots of opportunities for free advertising around the internet.

There are many low-cost options too, however if you really have limited or no funds, I will show you some of the easiest ways to work within your budget.

You need to realise that if you want somebody to provide you with a useful service, there needs to be a trade of some sort. If you do not have cash to trade, then the trade can be some of your time.

With these 4 services, which are all free to join, you can earn advertising credits and also cash which you can reinvest in more advertising.

You are actually free to withdraw the cash you earn if you wish, but if you are serious about building your business, it would be a wise choice to keep reinvesting your earnings in your business in some way, either through advertising, upgrading in your business, or spending your earnings on essential business tools like your own website/blog or autoresponder service.

For My SFI Team:

When you join these advertising sites, you will need to use your SFI affiliate links to advertise. 

You can use your Gateways, which you will find from your SFI homepage – My Acct -> My Gateways

You can find your banners, text ads and more marketing aids at the SFI homepage under Marketing -> Marketing Aids

If you are not already a member of SFI, and would like a home business you can join and start for FREE, you are most welcome to join my team.

My top 4 advertising services for today are:

  1. MyPayingAds
  2. EasyHits4U
  3. Clixsense
  4. Neobux


This is my favourite method, because it has earned me the most money in the shortest time. I should add that the successful earnings did improve from a small investment – just $30, however, you can still begin this with no money and earn from it as well as advertise your business, it will just take you longer to see results.

You can click on PTC (Paid-To-Click) ads every day, by going to View Ads -> Earn Money.

For every $1 you earn from clicking, you can buy an AdPack.

Each AdPack will give 20 promotions of your own website, which you add by going to Advertisements -> Business Directory Listing.

When you become an AdPack owner, you qualify for revenue-sharing, which means that all the profit earned by the site is shared between the AdPack owners. The revenue is shared every 30 minutes, and to ensure you receive your share all you need to do is view 10 ads every 24 hours.

You can use the money you make to buy further AdPacks.

Each AdPack you buy, either with your own money or with money you have earned from the site for free, depending on the level, will earn you at least 20% profit.

Your earnings also increase when you refer other people to the program, because you will earn 10% commission on any AdPacks they buy too, either from investing money or from their free clicking, and to help you attract other people, you will see that my link to the MyPayingAds opportunity not only gives you the opportunity to join, but also gives you a FREE Marketing System, which not only helps you get referrals but also includes all the full, free training you need in how to use MyPayingAds.

Are you already a member of MyPayingAds?

Are you struggling to get referrals?

Then I have a gift for you too!

Using your existing MPA account and ID, you may also get this FREE Marketing System, to help you get more referrals and also free training in how to get the best results and earn more money from MyPayingAds.


The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

A very easy traffic exchange site to navigate and surf.

You surf other people’s ads and earn credits to advertise your own site. If you surf 1:1, for every site you look at, your own site will be seen once too.

You earn cash too, which you can use in several ways:

  • Cash it out
  • Convert to advertising credits, banner credits, text ad credits
  • Upgrade your account to Premium

Add your own website links in My Sites, or the way I prefer to do it is to set up the Easy Rotator which allows you to add up to 10 links on a free account (more if you upgrade), then I use the Easy Rotator link in My Sites and also in other advertising websites. Then, if you change your links in the Easy Rotator it automatically changes them everywhere else the link is used.


A PTC (Paid-To-Click) website.

View ads and complete surveys, offers or tasks every day to earn cash.

Complete the Daily Checklist to earn a bonus on your daily earnings.

As your cash builds, you can add your own sites in Advertise -> Manage My PTC Advertising and use your credit balance to fund your advertising packs.


Also a PTC website.

You earn cash by viewing ads and completing offers or jobs on the site every day.

The most important thing to remember is to log in at around the same time each day and click on the 4 orange fixed advertisements you will be given every 24 hours. Although you will earn cash for all your clicks, these 4 orange ads qualify you for earning from any referrals you have.


I have found the referral system in Neobux to be the best and most lucrative way to really boost my earnings from Neobux. Please read my previous article, How To Earn $50 A Day With Neobux, for more information about this.

How To Maximise Your Free Advertising Credits and Commissions

In all of these sites, you can earn more advertising credits and commissions by referring other people to the sites. They all give you your own affiliate/referral link to their site.

You can give your referral links to anybody you know who:

  • is already in your business team
  • operates any business, and needs to advertise it
  • anybody you know, e.g. friends and family, who would like to earn money online

The Most Important Thing To Know!

The most important thing you can learn and realise about building or promoting ANY business online is that it takes persistence and patience.

You cannot expect to place one advert, on only one day, and have hundreds of people rushing to join your business (although you may indeed get lucky and get some interest!), you need to see this as a long-term strategy, particularly if you are starting with a limited or no budget.

If you can start with even an hour a day, and devote that time to gaining advertising credits and cash for reinvesting, by using the sites I have recommended here, and do that on a consistent basis, every day, you will in time see results.

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