SFI Badges – What Value Do They Have?

SFI Badges - what value do they have, recognition, work-at-home business

The Badges on your profile are ‘not just a pretty face’. They are a powerful tool. The Badges you earn with SFI look really good on your profile. They show how hard you have worked and how serious you are about, and committed to, your work-at-home business. Not only are they your own personal recognition … Read more

Happy Holidays! How To Protect Your VersaPoints Streak

Happy Holidays, protect your versapoints streak, vacation mode

The Christmas and New Year holidays have begun for many, and I hope you all enjoy them very much. So if you do want to take some time out from your SFI business, you may if you wish. After all, SFI is YOUR business, you are the boss, you set your own schedule. However, as … Read more

PSA, CSA, ECA, PRM – Who are they? How do they help my SFI business?

people in your team, PSA CSA ECA PRM, SFI, TripleClicks, team-building

In SFI, as with all businesses and industries, there is some language or jargon to learn and get the hang of. When you learn it, it makes training much easier and clearer, as you will understand what is being referred to. This topic explains the acronyms used to describe your team members or the people … Read more

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