If English Is Not Your First Language…


If English Is Not Your First Language, This is Not A Barrier in SFI In my TeamMail last week, I invited my team to suggest areas or aspects of running their SFI business that they struggled with. This would help me provide training tailored to affiliates’ needs. I was happy to receive a few suggestions, … Read moreIf English Is Not Your First Language…

Why Do I Need My Own Website and How Do I Build One?

Why do I need my own website? If you are going to build an online income or business, you WILL need your own website. Why? Most online businesses or affiliate marketing programs offer you personal referral links leading to free landing pages/gateways for customers to sign up or buy products, paying the affiliate a commission. … Read moreWhy Do I Need My Own Website and How Do I Build One?

How Much Do You REALLY Want To Succeed?

jane goodall, if you really want success

“If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way.” -Jane Goodall, Anthropologist   What do you want? How bad do you want it? How much do you really want to succeed? How hard are you prepared to work? Are you open … Read moreHow Much Do You REALLY Want To Succeed?

4 Ways To Get Free Advertising For Your Business

free advertising, business

One of the most common questions I get asked by my SFI team is – “How can I advertise my business if I have no money to spend on advertising?” There are lots of opportunities for free advertising around the internet. There are many low-cost options too, however if you really have limited or no … Read more4 Ways To Get Free Advertising For Your Business

E365 – SFI’s Entrepreneur Contest

E365 entrepreneur contest

The E365 (Entrepreneur 365) contest takes place between all affiliates who joined SFI on the same day.  The goal is for each new affiliate to earn enough VPs (VersaPoints) to qualify and move on through each new round, and finally be crowned E365 Champion of their class. VersaPoints are the core of the SFI member … Read moreE365 – SFI’s Entrepreneur Contest

How To Earn $50 A Day With Neobux

how to make money with neobux

$50+ Per Day NeoBux Strategy: Zero Investment I have put this NeoBux strategy together in a step-by-step fashion so you will never need to spend a dime out-of-pocket on Neobux to make money with this strategy. You won’t be making $50/day right off the bat.  You will be making a few cents when you first start. The key … Read moreHow To Earn $50 A Day With Neobux

18 Winners won 20,151 TCredits in the Time Machine!

hunger games mockingjay part 2, time machine, eager zebra games

TripleClicks’ most recent Time Machine game ended today, giving us our long-awaited answer to our question, What will the all-time box office rank for the new HUNGER GAMES movie be on Dec. 4th? 18 different TripleClicks members predicted the correct answer of 179. With a final Zackpot of 20,151, each winner received an equal share … Read more18 Winners won 20,151 TCredits in the Time Machine!

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin Now Charging

akismet is now charging, akismet has gone from free to paid

Akismet Has Gone From FREE to PAID If you wanted the essential tool for blocking spam to your websites, Akismet was always the go-to leader in this field. I had it installed on all of my own websites. Owned by WordPress, it was powerful and it was free – users could choose to donate if … Read moreAkismet Anti-Spam Plugin Now Charging

Join My Knockout Trivia League

Knockout Trivia winner

Since the new TripleClicks game, Knockout Trivia, was launched just over a year ago, I have played it since launch and it has never lost it´s appeal for me. I enjoy taking a few minutes out of my working day to play this quiz game. If you are familiar with ´Who Wants To Be A … Read moreJoin My Knockout Trivia League